Hockey Player Puck Tracking System

Pro Level Analytics for Amateur Hockey

Drive Hockey is a revolutionary sensor-based system that delivers advanced hockey analytics and game IQ automatically. We make NHL level player & puck tracking technology affordable and accessible for amateur hockey.

Track, Analyze & Improve your Game with an Edge

For Coaches

Gain a competitive edge with the power of an entire NHL-level analytics department captured inside our player & puck tracking system. Auto-generate unparalleled tactical, situational and athletic performance breakdowns for a deeper understanding of how your team is playing and what’s driving outcomes. Use in games & practice!

For Players

Use AI-driven analytics to advance your game IQ and unique development path. Auto-capture game tactics, situational play and athletic performances then benchmark against our Player Performance Index (PPI). Gain clear insights on the details that will help you perform at higher levels.



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Bring a new level of Hockey IQ and competitive edge to your association using the latest sensor and AI technology

“Analytics provide another set of eyes that are unbiased and provide truth through numbers.”
– Paul Maclean, Toronto Maple leafs Assistant Coach

Hockey Analytics System
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Drive Hockey Labs

We’re developing next generation hockey analytics technology and making it accessible and affordable for amateur players & teams

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Edge Skill: Turn Breakdown, Distance Gained

New player breakdowns of crossover, weaving and tight turn profiles including entry / mid / exit speeds, radius, distance gained and repetitions with benchmark comparisons. Better edges means stronger agility, transitions and escapes.

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