Give your Team a Competitive Edge

Increase the interest, effort and competitive levels of practices through leaderboards and performance benchmarking. Access deep AI-driven post-game insights to see how team tactics and individual players skills translated to on-ice performance

Our system tracks thousands of performance data points, and provides coaches and players with simplified, Key Performance Metrics that can compared at a high-level, or drill into detail. Access simple, per-event leaderboards :

  • Perimeter Play, Net Front and Open Ice situational breakdowns
  • Player Performance Index to see how individual skills stack up to others
  • Game and Practice tracking use for individual teams
  • Adaptive learning over time to rank a players ability vs team / age group

Detailed Intelligence for Immediate Player Impact and Game IQ



Puck Tracking*

Speed, Acceleration, Edges, Delays, Endurance

Work / Rest, Distance over Time
Time at Speed, Time Accelerating

Short Game:
Angular Speed
Puck Pursuit
Tight Turns, Agility
Delays, Deaccel

Long Game:
Linear speed
Breakout Acceleration
Wide Turn Distance

All Practice Reports, plus:

Game Impact:
Time on Ice, Zone Time
Shift Length, Shift Change Situations
Exits, Entries, Success Rate
Transition Speed, Location
Location Heatmaps

Situational Skills / Performance:
Perimeter Play, Net Front, Open Ice

Coaching Tools:
Play Review / Markup / Share
Line Combo Planning / Forecasting

Increased IQ & Assessments, including:

Tactical Breakdowns:
Scoring Chances
Perimeter Play
Breakouts / Zone Entries
Defensive Coverage

*Coming Soon

Player Access to Skill Reports, Benchmarks

Track games and practices to access detailed player performance breakdowns across a number of game specific skills. View detailed skill reports to breakdown an entire team, or zoom in on a player-by-player basis. This breakdown report is also available for each player to access individually through their own login.

post game report

Player Summary vs. Peer Benchmark

A high-level summary of key performance metrics and how player performed compared to their peer average / top scores. Easily flip between players and their average / top ratings. See how they trended across multiple events.

Practice, Game, Series Leaderboards

This is a sortable list of all players throughout all the evaluation sessions (practice / games) they participated in. Sortable fields can be customized on request, standard reports include:

  • Distance skated /min; best, average
  • Skating vs. stationary
  • Speed: top, average, time at speed
  • Puck Pursuit acceleration bursts
  • Sprint acceleration
  • Edges; High speed tight turn radius, distance gain & repetitions

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