If You Can Measure it, You Can Improve it!

Drive Hockey provides detailed data to breakdown player performance and benchmark their skills. Quickly identify areas to work on, and use data-driven reports to supplement and support player development programs across all skill levels

hockey skill development analytics

Auto capture, breakdown and benchmark every players skill

  • Player profile showing average and top ratings vs. a benchmark
  • Breakdown of specific skills and performance metrics for each
  • Practice and game tracking
  • Track progress over time
  • Coach and player logins to access reports

Our AI models have been built and trained to identify specific hockey skills and performance metrics from our deep data sets. These combine to form index ratings, that provides accurate, measureable player ratings across a number of meaningful hockey attributes. Every time you track a game or practice using the Drive Hockey Analytics System, you create a deeper, more accurate assessment of your players skills and the exact areas they can improve.

Player Development ChallengesUsing Drive Hockey’s Player Tracking
Player FeedbackIs subjective, will vary from person to person and could be good or bad advice depending on the personData that provides truth through numbers, with a detailed assessment and performance breakdown
Personalized DevelopmentIs expensive, top trainers need time to evaluate a player and what they need to work on to improveProvides trainers a quick understanding of some aspects about the player relative to others
Player Development ProgressIs measured through qualitative feedbackPlayers can set measureable performance goals and track their progress towards over time
Benchmarking and ComparisonsTypically done once per year during evaluationsReal-time access to see where each players individual skills stack up against their peers
ReportingAlmost non-existentOn a per event basis, or summarized progress over time
Trainer ResourceQualitative feeback, or time consuming video reviewQuick performance details and measurement over time

Player Development Focused Analytics

Detailed Player Reports, Breakdown

Track games and practices to access detailed player performance breakdowns across a number of game specific skills. View detailed skill reports to breakdown an entire team, or zoom in on a player-by-player basis. This breakdown report is also available for each player to access individually through their own login.

post game report

Player Summary vs. Peer Benchmark

A high-level summary of key performance metrics and how player performed compared to their peer average / top scores. Easily flip between players and their average / top ratings. See how they trended across multiple events.

Player Leaderboard

This is a sortable list of all players throughout all the evaluation sessions (practice / games) they participated in. Sortable fields can be customized on request, standard reports include:

  • Distance skated /min; best, average
  • Skating vs. stationary
  • Speed: top, average, time at speed
  • Puck Pursuit acceleration bursts
  • Sprint acceleration
  • Edges; High speed tight turn radius, distance gain & repetitions

Custom Evaluation Reports / Data API

We can create a custom report for your organization’s use over time based on the metrics we collect. If you prefer to access the data through an API and generate your own player reports, we can arrange that access as well. Contact us directly for these custom solutions.

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