Player Tracking Services

Onsite Tracking Service in your Arena

Our system captures deep details on over 20 individual skills performed, providing skill breakdowns and player rankings from either practice or game situations. Each individual players skills are broken down and benchmarked against top performers, helping them identify their athletic strengths exactly where they can improve. Track development progress throughout the season on a team or player basis.

Player Skill Analytics

Using NHL Level Sensor Technology

Affordable per player pricing for all-inclusive service, including team, event and player level report access

Team Evaluations / Identification Camps / Combines

We provide highly accurate, qualitative skill assessments using sensor technology without any on-ice timing gates or setup. Evaluators can access top skill rankings, sortable lists and player skill comparisons. In addition, each player receives 1 mo. free access to their own skill breakdown and benchmark comparison against top performers. We recommend min. one practice and one game per player to get the best evaluation dataset.

In-Season Skill Benchmarking

Bring advanced skill analytics into your player development environment. Our highly affordable team benchmarking service includes 3 – 6 sessions at the beginning, middle and end of your season. Coaches and players gain to access a deep performance breakdowns for developmental purposes. Players can track their own progress throughout the season, and see how small steps can make big improvements.

Skill Reports for Development Camps

Run a modernized skill development program by using the latest skill analytics technology. Quickly assess new players in your program, and offer existing players a unique after-camp report highlighting their strengths and weaknesses compared to the group. Use your collected player profiles to offer player specific one-on-one training, or plan future camps around a core group of player / skill training requirements.

Tournaments, Special Events, Media

We capture over 3,000 data points per second on positioning, movement and speed using small player tracking sensors. Our intelligent sports AI platform identifies skills within the data, such as puck pursuit bursts, full speed sprints, tight turns, wide turns, agility and many more. Players can access broken down skills benchmarked against top performers, seeing exactly what they can do to improve.

Remote Scouting & Recruitment

Every player in our system has a profile of their athletic skill performance, benchmarked and compared to their peer group. Players may opt in or out of our Central Scouting DB to be scouted and recruited by various levels of hockey, and can choose who has access to their personal identifiable information.

League Data Partnerships

Partner with Drive Hockey Analytics to bring the latest analytics technology into your league, promoting world-class skill team and player skill analytics while building a data ecosystem for a digital economy. We support enhanced media, scouting and fan experiences through our big data platform.

Traditional EvaluationsUsing Drive Hockey’s Player Tracking
Player feedbackNone provided, except maybe final cutsEvery player receives a detailed analytic report
EvaluatorsRelied on to evaluate all aspects of performance based on eye-test, when evaluator catches the player.Evaluators can focus on game play and soft skills
Evaluation scoresGeneralized scores and a range of scores depending on the evaluatorsRemoves all bias, actual quantified performance data captured accurately
Evaluation processTypical single players perform drill one at a time so evaluator can have a chance to watch and rateAll players can do drills at same time, all performance is captured accurately
Known playersSome existing ‘bias’ depending on evaluators Removes all bias, only actual performance data
Multi-campsComparing players across multi-camps more difficultPlayers compared from remote situations accurately
Game playDifficult to evaluate multiple players at onceAll players evaluated on every skill during games
Player Development ChallengesUsing Drive Hockey’s Player Tracking
Player FeedbackIs subjective, will vary from person to person and could be good or bad advice depending on the personData that provides truth through numbers, with a detailed assessment and performance breakdown
Personalized DevelopmentIs expensive, top trainers need time to evaluate a player and what they need to work on to improveProvides trainers a quick understanding of some aspects about the player relative to others
Player Development ProgressIs measured through qualitative feedbackPlayers can set measureable performance goals and track their progress towards over time
Benchmarking and ComparisonsTypically done once per year during evaluationsReal-time access to see where each players individual skills stack up against their peers
ReportingAlmost non-existentOn a per event basis, or summarized progress over time
Trainer ResourceQualitative feeback, or time consuming video reviewQuick performance details and measurement over time
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