Drive Hockey Tracking System Hardware

Drive Hockey engineered a patent-pending sports tracking system specifically for hockey. Players use our tag on their shoulder pads during play and our hardware automatically captures real-time performance data, including athletic and game tactical information.

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Limited systems available – Order a Drive Hockey Tracking System and Player Tags now while supplies last, or pre-order for our next production run.

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    Mobile Tracking System

    Single team athlete and stats tracking system designed for easy use and performance. System includes 14 arena anchors, 3 gateways, 1 edge device, 4 sets of arena calibration stickers, a multi-device charger, cables and a hard case. 1 year repair or replace warranty on all hardware. System components are not exactly as shown in picture.

    • 15 min setup time at measured rinks
    • Single team tracking
    • Operator control by tablet or laptop
    • Offline tracking capable
    • Rechargeable battery power supply
    • Micro-USB plugin power
    • Mobile, lockable hard case

    Player Tracking Sensor

    Straps to the shoulder pads to collect player skating, athletic and positional performance data in real-time. Data types include speed, endurance, edge work, acceleration, tactical play, positioning, shifts, time-on-ice, positioning, defensive angling and more. The shown Universal 100 model is recharged using a standard micro-usb cable. 1 year repair or replace warranty on all hardware. Includes a shoulder pad strap and charging cable.

    dha operator system

    Multi-team System License

    System license includes multi-team access for tracking practices or games, AI-data processing, team access to analytic reports and extended support. Player access to analytic reports available to individual parent / players 30-days free and beyond for a nominal fee, billed direct.

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