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Definitions of Core Skating Skills Evaluated

Linear Skating

Angular Skating

Short Acceleration Burst

Long Acceleration Sprint

Tight Turns

Wide Turns




Situational Advantage / Disadvantages


Q: Can I review plays using Drive Hockey Analytics?

Q: Can I review skill development progress over time?


Q: What type of events can be tracked

App Features

User FAQs

Q: How do I view my child’s player dashboard?

Q: How long does the invitation link last before it expires?

Q: I received an invitation to my child’s analytics but the link has expired?

Q: How can I share a link to the report with someone else?

Q: Which browser is best to view my report?

Coach Users FAQs

Q: What kind of events can I run?

Q: How do I invite players to their dashboard?

Q: What is the difference between a practice and a combine?

Q: Do I have to change my practice plan to use the system?

Q: How will the data be shared with me and my team?

Sensor Hardware

Sensor FAQs

Q: The red charging light on my anchor/tag went out, what does this mean?

Q: How long does it take to charge a player sensor? Anchor?

Q: How long does it take to charge a player sensor? Anchor?

Mobile System FAQs

Q: How long does it take to setup the tracking system before an event?

Q: I had one of my anchors stop working in the middle of my tracking session, will this affect my data?

Q: How do I know the system is recording correctly?

Q: I attempted to sync the data I recorded while connected to the Edge device, but its not working?

Q: Where on the glass should I place the anchors?

Q: When tracking an event, why can I only see one Gateway device on screen?


Rink Calibration

Q: What tool should I use to measure and calibrate a rink?

Q: What does Drive Hockey do to measure and calibrate a rink?

Q: Why should my arena be measured and calibrated for Drive Hockey?

Q: How can I have our arena measured and calibrated for Drive Hockey?

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