Bring higher IQ and compete to your team or hockey development program with the Drive Hockey Analytics system. We make world-class player development simple and affordable for minor league hockey players and coaches.

  • Fully automated player stat tracking in real-time
  • Helps coaches better train, motivate and communicate with players
  • Helps players understand their unique game & empowers self-development
  • Managed data privacy; invite and connect with parents, trainers & scouts

Access to Drive Hockey available soon for computers, tablets & mobile devices

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Sport tracking tag and puck

DRIVE’s stick tag & puck automatically collects & analyzes over 25 hockey stats in real-time

  • Positioning & Zone time
  • Puck Possession
  • Turnovers & Takeaways
  • Breakouts & Entries
  • Passing, assists
  • Shots, goals, plus / minus
  • Face-offs won / lost
  • Goalie save and stop zones

Measure real attributes about your game, set targets, improve your unique playing style

Easy to Setup

Insert tag into your stick, tape it up, hockey stats are auto-tracked during games.

Auto-tracks Stats

Stick tag and puck auto-tracks all your game stats while you play.

Develop your Game

Set targets and track progress towards reaching personalized performance goals.

Drive Hockey Analytics supports player development & helps coaches make better evaluation, development & game-time decisions

  • Players

    Self-analyze your game and get insights to improve
    Set performance targets & monitor progress over time
    Game analytics and insights based on AI machine learning
    Privacy & sharing controls

  • Coaches

    Get real data for player evaluation, development and game time decisions
    Benchmark players, skill sets, and team performances
    Line combination & PP breakdown
    Simple to use, completely automated

  • Associations

    DRIVE sponsors non-profit hockey associations (limited availability):
    Rinks outfitted free
    Sponsored tournaments & web
    Discounted rates for association players & teams
    Access data to support coaches and player development

Coming soon for players and coaches!

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