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Introducing you to Drive Hockey’s NHL-level analytics technology based on sensors & AI. Our mobile player tracking system is built on years of R&D with multiple-patents and over a hundred million rows of benchmark comparison data across all skill levels in hockey. Our system streamlines evaluations using data driven hockey player rankings, improves skill development programs with deep technical assessments and empowers coaches with tactical game intelligence. We made it easy to setup the system in 15 minutes and track evaluations, practices or games. After syncing the data online, coaches, players and parents can access deep player skill assessments, tactical game dashboards, performance rankings and progress-over-time reports.

Best of all…. Drive Hockey’s system is affordable for amateur hockey!

Full service team analytic reports from $25 /player through a Regional Service Partner or license your own multi-team analytics system from $100 /player.

Hockey Analytics System

Analytic Reports

Team Services

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The Future is Now… “With sensor technology that maps every split-second of action in hockey games, a Vancouver-based tech company could change the way people evaluate players at the developmental level …. The potential for such an enormous leap forward in hockey teams’ data analysis is simply too great to ignore.”

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