Streamlined, Data-Driven Evaluations & Combines

Drive Hockey’s player tracking system makes pro-level evaluations affordable for amateur hockey. Run any drills or scrimmages, get a detailed breakdown of all your players and auto-generate feedback reports for every participant in your team tryouts.

Use our player tracking system to auto capture a players performance during practice, scrimmage or games and compare to other players. Consolidate data over a series of events for a true assessment, and provide players with a detailed analytical report after the evaluation camp.

  • Measures all players simultaneously – no waiting in lines on ice
  • Captures deep player performance, accurately, during games / practice
  • Simple devices, no on-ice equipment needed
  • Standardizes evaluations across multiple cohorts
  • Provides player’s with objective feedback reports and benchmark ratings
Traditional EvaluationsUsing Drive Hockey’s Player Tracking
Player feedbackNone provided, except maybe final cutsEvery player receives a detailed analytic report
EvaluatorsRelied on to evaluate all aspects of performance based on eye-test, when evaluator catches the player.Evaluators can focus on game play and soft skills
Evaluation scoresGeneralized scores and a range of scores depending on the evaluatorsRemoves all bias, actual quantified performance data captured accurately
Evaluation processTypical single players perform drill one at a time so evaluator can have a chance to watch and rateAll players can do drills at same time, all performance is captured accurately
Known playersSome existing ‘bias’ depending on evaluators Removes all bias, only actual performance data
Multi-campsComparing players across multi-camps more difficultPlayers compared from remote situations accurately
Game playDifficult to evaluate multiple players at onceAll players evaluated on every skill during games

Tools & Player Performance Metrics Captured

Sortable Player Skill Ratings

Automatically captured and processed player skill rankings in a sortable list. Over twenty unique player performance metrics rankings in a sortable list. Compare players of a particular age group or skill level against each other to identify groups of players for particular skill development requirements.

Evaluation Metrics .pdf

Individual Player Reports, Breakdown

Zoom into each individual evaluation skills or scrimmage session for a detailed player-by-player athletics breakdown. This breakdown report is also available for each player to access individually through their own login. Providing a post-evaluation report gives players great additional value for the money they spend on participating in an evaluation camp.

post game report

Player Summary vs. Group

A high-level summary of key performance metrics and how player performed compared to the evaluation average / top scores. Easily flip between players and their average / top ratings. See how they trended across multiple events.

Custom Evaluation Reports / Data API

We can create a custom report for your organization’s use over time based on the metrics we collect. If you prefer to access the data through an API and generate your own player reports, we can arrange that access as well. Contact us directly for these custom solutions.

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