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Tracking services include team level access for the entire season, and individual player / parent access free for a limited time.

Player Skill Analytics

Using NHL Level Sensor Technology

Affordable per player pricing for all-inclusive service, including team, event and player level report access

Team Admin users can see the team as a whole and each individual player analytic reports

Team Level Access

Practice / Combine Reports

All practice reports are also included when tracking games

Player Skill Testing, Breakdown & Benchmarking

Players on-ice performance is broken down across key technical hockey skills including Linear Skating, Angular Skating, Backward Skating, Turn Agility, Acceleration, Deacceleration, Pace and Endurance. These skill areas cover extensive in-game situations, download our Performance Metric Definitions below for details.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of each player
  • Track key performance metrics and their development over time
  • Compare puck handling, puck support and defensive play attributes

Player Endurance and Cardiac Testing

On-ice endurance testing is designed to mimic a high intensity 45 sec. shift, where increasing loads are applied throughout the test. Players conditioning level is outlined in 15 sec. segments, with their final 15 sec. performance compared to their best ability shown during the test.

  • Endurance and cardiac conditioning test directly applicable for hockey
  • Conditioning metric produced, run multiple tests and compare
  • Set benchmarks for injury return protocols

Sortable Player Evaluation Ratings

Tracking mode: Game, Practice, Combine
Quickly compare player performance stats across 22 unique metrics, sortable for each field. Metrics include:

  • Distance skated /min; best, average
  • Skating vs. stationary
  • Speed: top, average, time at speed
  • Puck Pursuit acceleration bursts
  • Sprint acceleration
  • Edges; High speed tight turn radius, distance gain & repetitions

Top-10 Leaderboard Lists

A leaderboard list of 23 individual metrics for every event tracked, highlighting the top player amongst the top 10 players with scores. Categories include linear skating, angular skating, distance, sprint to full speed, short burst acceleration, delays, tight turns and wide turns.

  • Available for both practice and games
  • Create competitive practices across a number of athletic skills
  • Public top-10 leaderboard links available

Skill Development Trend over Time

Tracking mode: Game, Practice, Combine
A high-level summary of key performance metrics and how team average and individual player performances changes over time. Easily flip between players to compare their average / top scores versus peer ratings. See how the team average and individual players trend across multiple events over time.

Post Game Reports

Zone Impact Analysis

This report outlines team impacts while on offence or defence, and highlights how individual players contribute to the team metric. Compare team or player metrics against a multiple games and tracked opponents.

  • Zone control, hold and clear times
  • Number of zone transitions
  • Speed, acceleration burst and full stop metrics while on offence and defence
  • Team vs. Opponent, individual player contributions

Time-on-ice and Shift Analysis

Track players time-on-ice, shift changes, shift length, and filter to see detailed information for each player / shift during the game. Sort based on metrics, see tracked opponent data for the same event. Customize shift colors using a range selector for:

  • Shift Length; identify short, optimal and long shifts
  • Top Speed; identify when top skating occurs by player
  • Top Acceleration; identify when high acceleration bursts occur by player


Access heatmaps for team and player locations while on offence or defence.

  • Identify high / low pressure zones and player tendencies
  • Netfront, perimeter and open ice filtered views for situational comparisons
  • Scroll through players individual heatmaps compared to team
play review

Play Review, Clipping, Markup

Replay your entire tracked event from a top-down view, or ice-level perspective. Save clips, create notes and share with a public link. Add markup to the replay to use as a teaching tool.

  • Show / Hide player numbers, zones and markup
  • 2D or 3D view
  • Save clips and share with team or public
  • Review plays with team from a top-down perspective

We are always building and updating reports, contact us for the latest demo.

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