Drive Hockey Analytics Tracking Coming To Calgary

Press Release: Drive Hockey Analytics Tracking Coming To Calgary

Vancouver based Drive Hockey Analytics is please to announce a new service partner for Calgary, bringing the Drive Hockey Tracking System to teams and leagues in the greater Calgary region.

VANCOUVER, 3 November, 2022 / Drive Hockey Analytics’ advanced tracking technology will soon be in rinks in and around Calgary. The company has signed Blaide Clarke as a regional service partner, making him the first to bring the Drive Hockey Tracking System to teams and leagues outside British Columbia.

The Drive Hockey Tracking system uses an array of sensors around the rink, along with player tracking sensors to gather more than 3000 data points per second. The company uses proprietary AI to parse the data into meaningful analytics for players and coaches.

AI driven analytics technology is rapidly becoming a key element in professional sports and is used to improve player and team competitiveness, engage media and fans, for scouting, and in gaming. The NHL has recently begun using similar tech. Never before has pro-level technology been available to amateur levels, where arguably, it can have the most benefit to players and coaches who are developing skills.

“Our mission of bringing pro-level analytics to amateur hockey is built on years of coaching experience”, states Drive CEO, Mike Dahlstedt. “We understand how important this data is to developing players and their coaches and are challenging the barriers, such as cost, that prevented them getting it. Calgary is such an important market and we are excited to have Blaide as a regional partner, helping drive to increase the hockey IQ of the next generation of superstars.”

“With Drive Hockey’s NHL level analytics for our amateur and youth hockey market, I think it will become an integral part for the coaches and staff in determining better analysis on players in the development stage” states Blaide. “All with the best outcome in mind for the players potential future career in hockey. These in-depth analytics will bring the before unseen knowledge to your finger tips which in turn will power coaching and staff decisions for various aspects of the league, and players.”

Drive Regional Partners provide tracking services for hockey teams or any level, which includes game tracking, evaluations and combines, practice tracking, and player benchmarking. Teams and leagues are also able to purchase their own tracking systems.


Adam Nathwani, COO Drive Hockey
[email protected]

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