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Drive Hockey is revolutionizing the realm of hockey training with their sensor-based analytics technology, making advanced NHL level player and puck tracking accessible and affordable for amateur players [1]. Their innovative approach includes Skill Analytics Services and Sensor Tracking Technology, providing real-time metrics to coaches and a robust dashboard for detailed post-game analysis, putting vital insights on players’ skills, agility, and improvement at the forefront [1][2].

With the hockey landscape becoming increasingly competitive, the incorporation of high-tech equipment and analytics into training regimes is crucial for players seeking to enhance their performance and results [2]. Drive Hockey’s partnerships and accolades, such as being shortlisted for the 2024 Sports Technology Awards and collaborations with the USHL and BCHL, highlight the shifting paradigm towards data-driven improvement strategies in the sport [1].

Innovative Hockey Training Equipment

Drive Hockey’s innovative analytics based training systems are transforming the landscape of hockey training equipment with a comprehensive suite of player tracking services and sports technologies designed to enhance hockey skills, player development and performance analysis. Here’s a closer look at what is offered:

  • Evaluations, Combines and Testing: Drive Hockey provides skill analytics, hockey skills testing, and benchmarking, alongside evaluations, skill testing combines and ID camps. These services are crucial for identifying areas for development and tracking progress [3].
  • Advanced Skill Tracking Analytics: Utilizing 16 mobile tracking sensors around the rink, Drive Hockey introduces advanced tracking analytics to youth hockey, offering insights into player performance that were previously accessible only at professional levels [2].
  • Deep Game Analytics: Drive Hockey’s technology mirrors the award winning NHL Edge system based off its similar player and puck tracking technology. Amateur coaches can now access professional level game breakdowns and analytics previously reserved for only top pro NHL teams.

Drive Hockey provides hockey skills training analytics across the globe for teams looking at an affordable testing program, and the ability for organizations and trainers to purchase their own mobile analytics system for ongoing ice hockey training programs. Coaches and players all have access to online hockey analytic reports with access controls designed to protect privacy and shared access privileges.

Innovative, High-Tech Ice Hockey Training Aids

Drive Hockey’s high-tech hockey training aids are designed to provide hockey players with the edge they need to dominate and excel on the ice. The innovative system cater to various aspects of hockey training, from skill development to conditioning, ensuring a comprehensive approach to improvement.

  • Skating Speed and Agility: Advanced player sensors track on-ice positioning, movements, and speed with over 3,000 data points collected per second. The data is analyzed by AI to produce analytic results showing players a breakdown of over 25 individual skills, including their capability, how they use their skills in game situations, a benchmark comparison against other players and exactly how they can improve each skill.
  • Endurance and Conditioning: The Drive Hockey system is being used in top competitive leagues and environments to evaluate player conditioning and endurance levels. This unique profile is helpful for assessing players optimal shift lengths and return from injury readiness.
  • Positioning and Game Impact: With rich positioning data, pro-level analytics are made available to amateur coaches and players to help easily assess shifts, positioning, and player contributions to offensive and defensive zone times.

Sensor-based tracking and analytics enable a data-driven approach to training, allowing for the customization of programs based on a player’s specific needs and performance metrics [3]. The Drive Hockey analytics system teaches players how to get better at hockey using a data driven approach to ice hockey training.

Using Advanced Analytics for High-end Hockey Training Programs

Choosing the right hockey training aids are essential for maximizing performance and using your own training time most effectively. Here’s a guide to help you navigate using the latest analytics technologies to maximize player development:

  1. Create Baseline Player Skill Profiles:
    Use the Drive Hockey tracking system to track a combine practice and game for your players. Use the resulting data to understand: 
    • Players Capability: The top performance that each player can achieve, this is captured in combine type practices where isolated skills are performed and measured.
    • In-game Performance: How a player can apply their skills and abilities in game environments. This has bearing on a player’s ability to mentally process the game at high speeds and in pressure situations.
  2. Assess Your Player Needs:
    •  Review your team and player scores, group players for addressing similar areas of skill training for the highest impact improvements.
    • Set performance goals and determine an appropriate time to achieve them.
  3. Introduce Training Programs:
    • Video: Provide video context for players to review correct techniques and their own techniques.
    • Off-ice training: Consider off-ice training to develop the movements and muscle strength to excel in performing the targeted skill(s).
    • On-ice training: Technical skill training for each player group, followed by using in game and pressure situations.
  4. Track Progress and Repeat:
    • Re-measure on-ice performance using the Drive Hockey system and compare improvements over time using the online hockey analytics dashboard.
    • Re-evaluate focus areas for each player, rotate into different skill training groups or expand the training for the same group to dominate in a particular area.
    • Consider both how players can perform the skill in a controlled test versus how they are able to apply the skill in context of game situations.

Remember, if you can measure it, you can improve it. The right gear not only boosts your ice hockey training program performance but also helps coaches and trainers maximize their abilities, and helps athletes learn how to get better at hockey.


Harnessing the power of sensor-based analytics and innovative hockey skills training tools provided by Drive Hockey paves the way for players at all levels to significantly amplify their performance on the ice. By deeply analyzing the insights gained from performance tracking and data analytics, individuals and teams can pinpoint precise areas that need improvement, making every practice session invaluable. This meticulous approach to training, grounded in identifying strengths and weaknesses through objective data, allows for the creation of highly personalized programs that can transform a player’s game, pushing them towards achieving excellence in hockey.

With skill based analytic reports supported by dryland conditioning workouts players can perform at home hockey training off ice to improve their athleticism, explosiveness, mobility, agility, strength, and conditioning. Understanding what areas of development will help with on-ice success and having the flexibility to focus training methods at home allows your hockey team of any age group to stay fresh and dominate your next shift.

Understanding that hockey is a game where the smallest advantages can lead to significant improvements, integrating advanced training aids and analytics into one’s regimen becomes crucial. These resources not only offer a competitive edge but also ensure that players can meet their potential through focused development strategies. For those eager to leverage these benefits and take their team’s performance to the next level, contacting Drive Hockey for a team trial analytics session could be the game-changer. By embracing this innovative approach, coaches, players, and teams can step onto the ice with confidence, armed with the knowledge and tools necessary for triumph.


How can I enhance my overall hockey abilities?

To boost your hockey skills, focus on comprehensive off-ice training that includes a proper warm-up, stretching, plyometrics for explosive movements, balance and coordination exercises, core strengthening, agility and quickness drills, practicing stickhandling off the ice, and a thorough cool-down.

What are some effective ways to develop my hockey stickhandling skills off the ice?

To improve your hockey stickhandling skills off the ice, consider these eight tips: start with the basics and understand that stickhandling involves more than just moving the puck in front of you; make the practice enjoyable; maintain a consistent routine; introduce variety by using obstacles and focusing on specific skills; and work on coordinating your hands and feet to move independently.

Can you explain puck and player tracking technology in hockey?

Puck and player tracking technology is used both in the NHL and by Drive Hockey Analytics to provide deep analytic breakdowns of players in the context of game situations. Both systems utilize sensors around the arena, and one worn by players and/or embedded into pucks.

What are some methods to improve my speed and agility specifically for hockey training at home?

To elevate your speed and agility for hockey, engage in targeted exercises that focus on quick directional changes, lateral movements, and sprints. Incorporate drills that mimic in-game scenarios, practice with agility ladders, and perform plyometric exercises to enhance your explosive power and reaction time on the ice.


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