NHL Level Sensor Technology for Testing, Evaluation & Training

Made Affordable for Amateur Hockey

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Sensor-Based Hockey Analytics

Drive Hockey’s revolutionary sensor-based system delivers advanced hockey analytics and game IQ automatically. We make NHL level player & puck tracking technology affordable for amateur hockey.

Hockey Tracking & Player Skill Analytics Service in your Arena!

Advanced skill based hockey analytics made simple and affordable for amateur hockey, contact us for availability and local service rates

Test & Benchmark Hockey Skills in Practice or Game Environments

Sensors are placed around the outside of the rink 15 min. before the event being tracked, and players wear a sensor on their shoulder pads making it easy to track practices or games. Get deep skills combine like data from every practice or game tracked, providing players and coaches the insights they need to develop a better game, and see progress over time.

Streamline Evaluation Camps & Enhance Skill Development Programs

Modernize evaluations using performance data captured from every player during all times on the ice. Our system AI identifies over 20 individual skills performed and provides player rankings from both practices or game situations. Each identified skill is further broken down and benchmarked for each player, helping them identify their athletic strengths exactly where they can improve. Track development progress throughout the season on a team or player basis.

Online Report Access for Teams and Individual Players / Parents

We capture over 3,000 data points per second on positioning, movement and speed using small player tracking sensors. Our intelligent sports AI platform identifies skills within the data, such as puck pursuit bursts, full speed sprints, tight turns, wide turns, agility and many more. Players can access broken down skills benchmarked against top performers, seeing exactly what they can do to improve.

Share your Player Analytics Profile with Trainers, Scouts & Recruiters!

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Drive Hockey Labs

We’re developing next generation hockey analytics technology and making it accessible and affordable for amateur players & teams

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DHA Labs: Trackable Stick & Puck

Drive Hockey’s R&D team has been working on next generation analytics using a trackable stick tag and puck to produce better skill assessments and analyze player IQ.

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