If You Can Measure it, You Can Improve it!

Tracking services include team level access for the entire season, and individual player / parent access free for a limited time.

Player Skill Analytics

Using NHL Level Sensor Technology

Affordable per player pricing for all-inclusive service, including team, event and player level report access

Player Admin users can see only the individual players analytic reports

Player Login Reports

Skill evaluation report

Skill Breakdown & Benchmarking

This report profiles the players top performance vs. the peer benchmark (ie. lowest/highest from team, evaluation, league). Skills covered include linear / angular skating, use-of-speed, burst / sprint acceleration, tight / wide turns, agility, stops / delays and filtered player ratings for small area and full speed skills. Each Skill is further broken down into smaller details to help focus skill development areas.

  • Identify athletic strengths and weaknesses, including details
  • Breakdown of specific skills and target metrics for each
  • Identify exactly how a player can develop their skills
  • Flip between practice vs. game performances

Skill Development Trend over Time

A high-level summary of key performance metrics and how team average and individual player performances changes over time. Easily flip between games / practices or average / top scores versus peer benchmark ratings. See how the team average and player performance trends across multiple events over time.

We are always building new analytic reports, contact us for the latest demo.

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