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Tracking services include team level access for the entire season, and individual player / parent access free for a limited time.

Player Skill Analytics

Using NHL Level Sensor Technology

Affordable per player pricing for all-inclusive service, including team, event and player level report access

Player Admin users can see only the individual players analytic reports

Individual Player Level Access

Player Skill Testing, Breakdown & Benchmarking

On-ice performance broken down across key technical hockey skills including Linear Skating, Angular Skating, Backward Skating, Turn Agility, Acceleration, Deacceleration, Pace and Endurance. These skill areas cover extensive in-game situations, download our Performance Metric Definitions below for details.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Track key performance metrics and development over time
  • Track puck handling, puck support and defensive play attributes
Drive Hockey Analytics Player Performance Metric Definitions

Endurance and Conditioning

Tracking mode: Combine
On-ice endurance testing is designed to mimic a high intensity 45 sec. shift, where increasing loads are applied throughout the test. Players conditioning level is outlined in 15 sec. segments, with their final 15 sec. performance compared to their best ability shown during the test.

  • Endurance and cardiac conditioning test directly applicable for hockey
  • Conditioning metric produced, run multiple tests and compare
  • Set goals for off-season preparation

Player Game Impact Analytics

This report is available for each player when tracking a game. It highlights team performance and the positive or negative impact of the player on each team performance metric. Also outlines time on ice, shift changes, shift length, and heatmap positioning in both offence and defensive situations.

  • Details players negative or positive impact against team performance
  • Speed, acceleration burst and full stop metrics while on offence and defence
  • Zone control, hold and clear times

Player Positioning Heatmap

Select tracked game and access heatmaps for team and player locations while on offence or defence.

  • Identify high / low pressure zones and player tendencies
  • Netfront, perimeter and open ice filtered views for situational comparisons
  • Scroll through players individual heatmaps compared to team

Skill Development Trend over Time

Tracking mode: Game, Practice, Combine
A high-level summary of key performance metrics and how team average and individual player performances changes over time. Easily flip between games / practices or average / top scores versus peer benchmark ratings. See how the team average and player performance trends across multiple events over time.

We are always building new analytic reports, contact us for the latest demo.

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