Mobile Player Tracking System

20 min. Setup for 3,000 Data Points /sec.

Setup takes 20 min. in a rink that you have already measured and tagged.  Prior to a game, Anchors are suctioned around the outside rink glass and Players Tags are attached to equipment.  An operator can connect a wireless tablet to the Drive Hockey Network and control the system direct – no internet connection is needed, and system can operate using its rechargeable lithium batteries.

Small location sensing anchors and gateway devices are suctioned around the rink

Tags are pre-assigned to players and strapped to shoulder pads.

Connect using a computer / tablet browser to operate the system and monitor in real-time

Analytic Reports within Minutes

When the event is complete, the system operator can connect to an internet connection and sync the event data to Drive Hockey’s analytics cloud. The data is processed using AI and all reports become available through our app within minutes after the game. The typical data sync time is 5-10 min. for a 60 min. event, and another 10-30 min. for the AI to process into reports.



Puck Tracking*

Speed, Acceleration, Edges, Delays, Endurance

Work / Rest, Distance over Time
Time at Speed, Time Accelerating

Short Game:
Angular Speed
Puck Pursuit
Tight Turns, Agility
Delays, Deaccel

Long Game:
Linear speed
Breakout Acceleration
Wide Turn Distance

All Practice Reports, plus:

Game Impact:
Time on Ice, Zone Time
Shift Length, Shift Change Situations
Exits, Entries, Success Rate
Transition Speed, Location
Location Heatmaps

Situational Skills / Performance:
Perimeter Play, Net Front, Open Ice

Coaching Tools:
Play Review / Markup / Share
Line Combo Planning / Forecasting

Increased IQ & Assessments, including:

Tactical Breakdowns:
Scoring Chances
Perimeter Play
Breakouts / Zone Entries
Defensive Coverage

*Coming Soon

Order Now for the 2022-23 Season

Limited systems available – Order a Drive Hockey Tracking System and Player Tags now while supplies last, or pre-order for our next production run.

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    Tracking System Components

    A team volunteer can help setup the system before each event, and access the controls during the event using a wifi device.

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