Simple setup in 20 minutes for 3,000 data points per second

Our mobile tracking system is easily setup in 15-20 min. after an initial rink measurement and calibration process and produces over 3,000 data points per second of rich athletic and tactical information. The system can operate without internet and is battery operated or can be connected directly to standard power using micro-usb cables. During the event, the movements, speed, acceleration and location of players is auto-tracked and processed immediately after the event into player and game performance intelligence using a combination of machine learning and AI.

drive hockey tracking system

Mobile Player Tracking System Operation Steps

A team volunteer can help setup the system before each event, and access the controls during the event using a wifi device.

1) One-time only: Initial Rink Measurements

Setup involves sticking 12-16 small location sensing anchors around the outside rink glass using supplied suction cups and assigning each player a wearable tracking tag, which is attached to shoulder pads.

2) Pre-Event: Create Event, Assign Tags to Players

Login to your account to setup an event and pre-assign tags (if you wish) to players. Each tag has a unique ID and the system needs to know which player was assigned what tag in order to properly assign stats. Tags can be assigned before or even during recording of the event. Players attach tags to their shoulder pads before hitting the ice. Player tags should be recharged between events.

3) Pre-Event: Setup Anchors, Gateway, Edge (15-20 min)

Before the event, setup involves sticking 12-16 small location sensing anchors around the outside rink glass. The anchors stick to the arena glass using heavy duty suction cups. Gateways are also setup around the arena to collect the location sensor data, and an Edge device controls the entire system.

4) During Event: Monitor Real-time Data

During the event there is not much to do, everything is auto tracked. When tracking games, there are additional buttons to mark when play start / stops and period / team zone changes. An operator can monitor on-screen the players moving around the ice in real-time, and adjust which tag belongs to which player.

5) Post Event: Sync Event Data, Process Reports (5-30 min)

The Drive Hockey Edge device creates a hotspot and provides a live interface accessible by opening a browser window through a device connected to the hotspot. When the event is complete, the system operator can connect to an internet connection and sync the event data to Drive Hockey’s analytics cloud. The data is processed using AI and all reports become available through our app.

6) Post Event: Access Team & Player Reports

As soon as the synced data is processed, coaches and players can access reports. The time to sync and process data depends on a) the internet upload speed, b) how long the event was, and c) how many players were being tracked. The typical upload time is 5-10 min. for a 60 min. event, and 10-30 min. for the complete event data to process into reports.

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