Hockey Player, Stick, Puck Tracking Hardware

Drive Hockey engineered a sports tracking system specifically for hockey. Players replace their stick plug with our patent-pending stick tag and trackable puck. Our hardware automatically captures real-time performance data and feeds into each players online account. Contact us for purchase, lease or hardware rental options for your team.

All hardware requires an active Drive Hockey Analytics Account to function.

Hockey player and puck tracking system

Mobile Tracking System – 150 Series

Single team athlete and stats tracking system designed for easy use and performance. System includes everything required to setup a trackable network, including anchors, gateways and an edge hub device. 1 year replacement warranty on all hardware except pucks.

  • 15 min setup time at measured rinks
  • Single team tracking
  • Operator control by tablet or laptop
  • Offline tracking capable
  • Rechargeable battery power supply
  • Micro-USB plugin power
  • Mobile, lockable hard case

Player Tracking Sensor

Straps to the shoulder pads to collect player skating, athletic and positional performance data in real-time. Data types include speed, endurance, edge work, acceleration, tactical play, positioning, shifts, time-on-ice, positioning, defensive angling and more. The shown Universal 100 model is recharged using a standard micro-usb cable.

Coming Soon…

Hockey Stick Sensor

Lightweight stick sensor that tracks player stats unnoticeably during play. Sensor captures deeper player skill and data, including puck possession, passing, shots, battles, checking and more… The shown Universal 100 model stick sensor is recharged using a standard micro-usb cable and is designed to fit both Intermediate and Senior sticks.

Trackable Hockey Puck

Drive Hockey Pucks have embedded tracking sensors and are manufactured to be unnoticeable on the ice from regular official pucks. Pucks are charged wirelessly on the charging pad included with the Drive Hockey mobile tracking system. Our trackable hockey puck is engineered to withstand -20 degree celcius temperatures and impacts from 100mph+ shots.

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