Advanced Real-time Sports Tracking Technology

The DRIVE Hockey Analytics System is made of 4 components:

DRIVE trackable puck – Stick tag – Rink sensors – Mobile app

DRIVE Trackable Puck

A standard hockey puck with the DRIVE sensor embedded inside.
Our sensor is robust and built to withstand impacts and
track speed and position at high velocity.

DRIVE Stick Tags

Players simply insert a DRIVE stick tag
into the butt end of their hockey stick to track stats.
Our stick tag is lightweight and motion powered.

Rink Sensors

These sensors are installed in the rafters and around the boards of your rink
or are available as a mobile configuration using tripods to bring on the road.
The sensors simultaneously track the location of the puck and players
sending the data online. Our online system converts the data into
real-time hockey statistics as you play.

Sports analytics dashboard

Online Hockey Stats

Access your stats anywhere through an
internet connection on desktop, tablet or mobile.
Your hockey analytics report provides simple breakdowns,
benchmark comparisons, an ability to set targets and track progress.

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