Drive Hockey Partner Program

Bring game-changing analytics to your region and create your own recurring income stream doing it

Looking for a sports business idea? Our Partner Program provides a turnkey, affordable sports business opportunity in the exploding hockey analytics industry.

Want to be a Hockey Leader in Your Area?

Help youth hockey in your region access new hockey analytics technology

NHL teams are investing into hockey analytics, this is the future of the sport. Analytics is proven to make better evaluation, development and coaching decisions using fact-based data. Partner with Drive Hockey so we can help youth hockey players in your region develop like a pro.

Earn a recurring income from people & teams using the system

Get setup and started easily, earn an additional recurring income stream from helping teams and players access the system. We provide you with complete sales, marketing and technical support, our system is easy to use, affordable and in high-demand from competitive teams.

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Bring world-class hockey analytics technology to your region with full support from the Drive Hockey team.

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