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Drive Hockey Overview
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World-class hockey development analytics made simple and affordable.

Game Tracking Service

Drive Hockey comes on-site and sets up small wallet-sized tracking antennas around the rink prior to a game.  Players replace their plastic stick cap with the Drive Hockey stick tag and use a Drive Hockey’s standard trackable puck(s) during the game.  A tablet monitors data as it is being collected, which is later uploaded to Drive’s online system.  The system creates team based and individual reports for each player being tracked and makes them available online. 

  • Fact based analysis of your unique game
  • Benchmark performance metrics
  • Identify areas to improve and how to do it
  • Set targets and track progress

Coming Late 2019

Some conditions apply, contact us for regional availability.

Analytic Reports for Hockey Player Development

Drive Hockey captures stick and puck data to quantify the skills and techniques used by players.  We provide individual and team reports designed to identify areas of their game to work on, how to improve those areas and to track progress over time.  The Drive Hockey system provides players a unique development path for their unique game.

How it works

The Drive Hockey Analytics system is simple to setup and automatically tracks hockey data during games.

Frequently Asked Questions

Drive Hockey collects an accurate location, time and orientation of the puck and each players stick. This data provides an accurate assessment of puck possession, and stats deriving from possession such as passes, shots, positioning, and over 40 identified statistical data points.

Stats themselves are just numbers though, our system produces meaningful reports that identify a players unique style, areas they need to work on, how to improve those areas, and progress benchmarks over time.

Tactical information is collected on individual plays and allows for players and coaches to learn from successful and failed outcomes.

For each game tracked, Drive Hockey produces reports that are being designed as follows:

Team Report – a game summary and a consolidated report for each tracked team, outlining team and line performances, areas of relative weakness / strength and insights on how to improve performance.

Player Report – individual reports designed for each player to review their performance, discover areas to improve and how to improve them, learn from successful and failed plays and track their progress over time.

Reports may adjust over time, future options to customize reports based on preferences may become available in future releases.

No, we do not have a sample report to share at this time. Prior to our market launch, we will provide samples to the public.

Reports are available through an online login portal.

Team Report – a game summary and a consolidated report for each tracked team, available for the coach and authorized team level users.

Player Report – available to each player, their parents (in case of a minor) and users authorized by the player (or parent in case of a minor), such as a coach or trainer.

Drive Hockey is built based on COPPA compliant principles to protect youth data and private, personal information. Personal and contact data is kept confidential at all times and released only to those who the user (or parent in case of a minor) allows. Anonymous, generic data is reserved and used by Drive Hockey in various forms for bench marking, scouting and analytical purposes. In some cases, another user may requests access to your personal data and related statistics, and in those cases the user (or parent if a minor) has the ability to allow, restrict or deny access.

Very simply, we use data to evaluate a players unique style and game performance and provide a means to factor the data into player development decisions. The Drive Hockey Analytics system tracks progress over time and helps players focus on developing aspects of their unique game that will make them a better player.

Drive Hockey is taking the same player development techniques as top NHL pros use and making it simple and affordable for any level of youth hockey. The system will help improve players age 8 and up on recreational or competitive teams.

This tracking service is available and charged at an average retail price of $25 per player, per game. Pricing depends on how many players tracked per game, and how many games tracked. Volume pricing is available.

The tracking service is available in regions serviceable by a Drive Hockey Dealer. If a Dealer is not available in your region, please contact us directly so we can help make suitable arrangements to service your area.

Disclaimer: The service and features being advertised may alter or remove over time. Please check back for the latest service information. Actual product may look different than illustrated.