Hockey Analytics Systems

The Drive Hockey Analytics system is simple to setup and auto-tracks player stats during games. The tracked data is converted into hockey analytic reports for the team and individual players. The reports evaluate team / players using the data, outline areas to work on based on unique playing style, how to improve them and tracks progress against future performance.

sports stat tracking system

Game Tracking Service

Player and game statistics auto-tracked using the Drive Hockey system. Individual player and team analysis and development reports produced and available to access online.

team stats tracking system

Mobile Team Analytics System

Lease a complete Drive Hockey Analytics tracking system to setup before games and collect stats during your season. Excellent for teams, trainers and associations. Individual tracked players require a Drive Hockey data subscription.

In Development…

Drive Hockey Analytics System Accessories:

Drive Stick Tags

Players simply replace the plastic end cap on their hockey stick with a Drive Stick Tag to accurately, auto-track stats.

Drive Trackable Puck

A standard hockey puck with Drive sensors embedded inside. The puck is robust, designed to perform as a normal puck and built to withstand high impacts and track at high velocity.

Drive Rink Sensor

These sensors are setup around the rink
before games. They collect performance data from the puck and player stick tags.