Evaluations / Season Benchmarks

Complete performance breakdown of every player automatically, with summaries, leaderboards, comparisons and individual player report access

  • Measures all players simultaneously – no waiting in lines on ice
  • Captures deep player performance, accurately, during games / practice
  • Simple devices, no on-ice equipment needed
  • Standardize evaluations across multiple cohorts
  • Provides player’s with feedback reports, benchmark ratings

Player Development Analytics

Detailed player breakdown on athletic and tactical performance, adjust your training programs for maximum impact

  • Accurate individual player assessments for a number of skills
  • Track progress over time
  • Benchmark performance relative to their own peer group
  • Players can invite trainers to access their reports
  • Trainers using Drive Hockey can invite players to see reports

Competitive Coaching

Understand your unique game, measure game performance and track your teams improvement

  • Helps players & coaches identify exactly how to improve their game
  • Quantified game tactical information and player performance
  • Online app for both coaches and players / parents to access
  • Line combo stats, forecasting
  • Play review, markup and share

League Wide Installations

Bring hockey player and puck tracking technologies to your league through partnership with Drive Hockey. Our system can be installed into each association rink and allow for easy access by teams and players with minimal costs.

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