Player & Coach Analytic Reports

We are about to launch our beta version app for players, parents and coaches to access their analytic reports

sports tracking app

Evaluations / Season Benchmarks

Use for data-driven team evaluations, or to benchmark player performance metrics at key times throughout the season.

Player Development Analytics

Use hard data to guide development, set targets and track progress over time. Benchmark performance metrics across your team and league to understand relative strengths and areas to train. Bring Drive Hockey reports to regional skill trainers who know how to use sports data to train effectively.

Team Subscription

Team based season access with their own tracking system either in a mobile case or installed directly into an arena. Automated tracking and receive processed analytic reports immediately after games.

League Wide Installations

Bring hockey player and puck tracking technologies to your league through partnership with Drive Hockey. Our system can be installed into each association rink and allow for easy access by teams and players with minimal costs.

Coming Soon – Real-time Game Data

Our sensor based technology collects accurate performance data in real-time and processes using AI-driven data streams.

Streaming Data & Media Feeds

Fans today are consuming sports in more ways then ever before. Our system produces streaming data that can be used for in-building / remote fan engagement and experience applications.

Analyst Query Dashboard

Create your own custom reports and dashboards by querying direct to ouy bigdata DB.

Remote Scouting, Agents

If your group is interested in access Drive Hockey as a remote scouting databased, or to access individual deep player insights, please contact us directly.

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