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If DRIVE Hockey Analytics is not available in your area yet, please fill out the below form to let us know which association home rinks you would like to get setup.  The more details you provide, the sooner we can schedule to get the rinks equipped.

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Drive Hockey Analytics is available for youth and professional teams.  Our sponsorship program offers non-profit minor league hockey associations easy, affordable access to powerful hockey analytics for both players and coaches looking to improve their game.

DRIVE Provides:
– Installation of DRIVE stats tracking equipment in your home rinks at zero cost
– Discounted non-profit youth rates for your member players and teams
– Rebates for players on DRIVE tag & puck purchases
– Association level analytics access to support coaches & player development
– Sponsorship funds for tournaments, websites, newsletter

DRIVE Requires:
An association contact person to work with on setting up rinks and configuring tracking system for the association, players and teams.

Coming soon for players and coaches!

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