Track Your Hockey Stats

Real-time hockey stats tracker system using sensors based technology with AI driven analytic models.

Hockey tracking system

Real-time, Automated Tracking

Drive Hockey’s mobile tracking system is easy to setup before games in pre-calibrated rinks or can be installed permanently for even easier access. Stick tags and pucks are tracked automatically and in real-time during play. The system is built on the worlds most advanced UWB tracking technology and produces a real-time data feed with over 300 location data points identified every second. The data feed is uploaded to our central cloud for processing and user access. Authorized users can access complete game data within minutes of uploading.

Detailed Game Intelligence

Users can login to our cloud-based appliction to access report dashboards and benchmark performance data against their team or league. We have a growing library of team and player dashboard reports or work with Drive Hockey to customize a report for your organization. Contact us for a tour or demo.

Multi-User Access Controls

Our online report system supports multi-user types, including league / association officials, coaches, managers, trainers, scouts, parents, players and others. Users access to individual game, player or team data is controlled by our proprietary centralized token technology. Through this, players and teams control their own identifiable privacy information and can invite or accept requests from others to access their information.

Remote Player Engagement

Our system helps create remote learning opportunities between players and coaches. Coaches, trainers, scouts and agents can all remotely engage with players to help analyze their game, personalize training and develop stronger hockey IQ.

User Invite & Privacy Controls

Drive Hockey users can invite others to access their performance data, such as family, friends, trainers, scouts or agents. By default, performance data is collected and stored anonymously and user idenfiable information is privacy protected through access control layers. Family accounts allow parents to login and control access on behalf of their children.

AI Sports Technology

Drive Hockey is researching and developing sports based artificial intelligence techniques to fill in missing sensor data, identify common stats from collected data and to provide a predictive analytics framework to enhance player development and game performance.

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