Data Analytics System

How it works

The Drive Hockey Analytics team is continually enhancing our ability to automatically track and identify meaningful hockey stats in real-time, and working to make this ability simple, easy and accessible for the mainstream hockey market.

  1. Tracking system collects raw player stick / puck data
  2. Machine learning identifies zone, possession and stats in 1/20th second increments
  3. User access to a library of performance analytic reports
  4. Teams, association data access with player controlled privacy

Report Templates


Privacy Controlled

Drive Hockey enforces a strict privacy policy to protect minors information from the general public. Personal identifiable information is not attached to statiscal data collected during tracked events. Raw statistical game data is collected and stored anonymously on a secured cloud server. This anonymous performance data is used for machine learning purposes to identify things like statistics, performance benchmarks and talent scouting, and can only be associated to a team / player through permission from that user (parent in case of a minor). Each team and individual player (and parent) has complete access to their own data and privacy controls.

Multi-level Access

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