July, 2018 (Vancouver, BC).  The mission at DRIVE is about helping young players and coaches develop better in the minor leagues.  We are pleased to announce a new Minor League Hockey Association Sponsorship Program being designed to help lower the barriers of non-profit minor league hockey associations being able to access the DRIVE Hockey Analytics system.  A recent survey of BC Hockey Member Associations showed that Long Term Player Development ranked as their top priority, and Coaching as fourth.  DRIVE’s new sponsorship program subsidizes the cost of equipping home rinks with the DRIVE player tracking technology and reduces costs associated with teams or individual players accessing the system.  DRIVE is allocating a budget towards sponsoring associations with player tracking equipment and tournament support.  The new program will be available for non-profit minor league hockey associations and is planned to be available in 2020.  DRIVE is now taking requests from Minor League Hockey Associations here.